…..Simply Effective

The decision to continue to enjoy your independence within the comfort of your home should not be eroded just because you are now a senior or medically challenged.

We at Wadyscare Health Service understand the challenges and issues that may arise because of old age, debilitating illness or an empty nest; hence we strive to make a difference in your everyday life. We can provide as much or as little help as you need; from working around the home and helping with meals, to getting out and about, providing specialist nursing care, companionship and helping with the hygiene of your home.

We cater to support staffing needs at long-term Care Homes, Retirement homes, Health centres, Hospitals, Hospices, incarceration centres, and community care.

Why Many Choose Wadysacare!

Wadysacare is a medical staffing solution company providing of nursing and carer staff to healthcare facilities throughout Canada. We pride ourselves in delivering the best service to ensure you enjoy your work experience through us. Here are some key reasons why you should choose us:

Wadysacare has combined over 30 years of experience in healthcare, management, and allied industries, and we are a highly professional, experienced, and client-centered company.

first. We always provide the highest quality of service—our clients and nurses always come first.

We provide the broadest range of jobs for our nurses. We have established relationships with healthcare facilities and our selection as one of the "Preferred Providers" to most of Ontario's hospitals and care facilities.

Wadysacare is an ethical and community-focused company. We donate funds to charities each year, acknowledge and recognize seniors with no direct relatives within the care communities, and celebrate our staff.

We pay all our staff highly competitive wages. These are paid bi-weekly directly into their bank accounts.

We will pay a referral fee if you introduce a fellow nurse to Wadysacare.

Wherever possible, Wadysacare will pay for your training and staff development courses.

Work wherever and whenever you want; it’s your call.